SpOtOn offers a facility to test for a range of biomarkers that track renal health. This has been built up from the Founders' long history of supporting the Evelina Children’s Hospital’s paediatric renal service. SpOtOn now offers that expertise to pharmaceutical and clinical trials. This is especially important in monitoring nephrotoxicity in Phase I clinical trials.

Current assays for research use include:

  • Accurate GFR analysis using iohexol clearance
  • Plasma creatinine, ADMA and SDMA analysis
  • Urine albumin-creatinine ratio
  • Retinol binding protein
  • Urine-amino acids


SpOtOn has also developed proprietary assays used in its analysis of inherited metabolic diseases, which can also be used as biomarkers.

SpOtOn offers these services for both commercial and academic studies; and Dalton and Turner offer advice for study design and assay selection based on their long history of research and development.

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