Intellectual Property

SpOtOn’s reagents and services are based on protected intellectual property; and validated clinical research and application over many years.

SpOtOn’s haemoglobinopathy methods are based on three separate patent families. The company’s proprietary technology enables the accurate screening for known variants of the haemoglobin protein via multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) based mass spectrometry.

Further developments of that IP, also being protected, allow SpOtOn to accurately quantitate these proteins using stable-isotope internal standards. SpOtOn’s technique controls for other factors such as tryptic digestion, ion-suppression and dilution – offering the most robust solution for the application of MRM-based mass spectrometry for proteins, such as albumin, HbA1c, and apolipoprotein B.

SpOtOn’s patents also allow simultaneous analysis of proteins, metabolites and enzymes via simultaneous sample preparation. This IP is expected to have wide applicability changing the economics of population screening.