Ante-natal Testing

SpOtOn’s proposed method for ante-natal testing is designed for a single pass process that performs absolute quantitation of the various mutations from a blood-spot at the point of screening. The quantitation of the different mutations allows a very cost-effective differentiation between illness and carrier status.

Dried-blood spot testing is patient friendly, simple, easy to handle and robust. It requires just a spot; not vials of blood. It can be obtained by the patient herself; and does not need a phlebotomist to obtain the sample and then “spin” it. The sample does not need a cold chain to bring it to the lab.

Both these features: the ability to quantitate and perform the assay on a blood spot, allows cost and complexity to be taken out and creates economies of scale.

SpOtOn already offers reagent kits for the confirmation testing of abnormal ante-natal screens, and is looking to validate its methods for single-pass screening.

Contact us to find out how we could assist in setting this up confirmatory testing in your laboratory, or collaborate in validating the single-pass screening.